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Yasser Hegazy – Egypt

Since the age of 10, Yasser started training various types of martial arts and held many titles and ranks in Egypt among them Karate ( black belt ) Aikido – Tripoli , but he still had the feeling that something is missing to master martial arts , that changed as he searched the best martial arts trainers in the world like Sifu Salem Assli – senior full instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto the direct student and cetified instructor of SiJo Bruce Lee , he is also a direct student of Sensei Jorge Kishikawa of Niten Kenjutsu school of samurais ( the way of the two swords ) established by Myamouto Musashi the word most famous samurai – and he is a graduated samurai from this school .
Yasser is a Full Instructor of Jeet Kundo Do as he graduated from Brazil and he is a certified instructor under Sifu Salem Assli president of the frensh association of jeet kendo and kali from California a branch of Inosanto acadmy of martial arts , its woth ,mentionning that Yasser holds a Red Glove in French savate – French boxing and a certified Kali instructor ,Sifu decided to spread his knowledge to egyptian martial artists that’s when he started spreading his knowledge through his non profit seeking events , camps and seminars in Cairo .

Warriors and fighters are not the same , warriors are natural born fighters they act only when forced to fight, they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone and they always get up …..
Yasser Hegazy

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Join #Martialartphilosophy 3rd Martial arts camp in Cairo during the days 3, 4 and 5th of August 2018 instructed by “ senior full instructors Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts California and head of the French association of Jeet Kune Do “Sifu Salem Assli assisted by me Yasser Hegazy instructor under Sifu Salem and his representative in Egypt. The camp will cover 10 trainning hours of :-

  • Jeet June do ( martial art found & established by Bruce Lee).
  • Kali ( Filipino martial art Lacoste Kali ).
  • Savate ( French martial art ).
  • Silat ( Maphilindo Silat ).

Please register before July 2018 to benefit from the special participation price in USD or it’s equivalent in Egyptian pounds:-

  • 100 $ individuals
  • 75$ groups of 3 per participant
  • 65 $ groups of 4 per participant
  • 50$ groups of 5 per participant

To register send an inbox or email me on    (Non profit seeking event)

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Yasser Hegazy

Yasser Hegazy

Sifu, Founder

Martial art is a way of life , a path that needs persistence and discipline to become among the warriors, even without having to fight with anyone

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