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Yasser Hegazy is a dedicated Egyptian martial artist who holds many titles in various martial arts , his core intrest is to spread the martialart knowlege ia its rightous passage to Egyptian martial artists as he managed to be the official sole representative of some reputable International martial arts schools and inistitutions in the United states of America , France , Brazil , Japan and the Phillipines like ; he Niten school of samurais as he learned directly under Sensei Jorge Kishikawa President of Niten School of Samurais in Sao Paulo Brazil ( teaching the art of Kenjutsu and the traditions and ways of samurais , the Frensh Assosiation of Jeet Kune Do and Kali via the official Linage of Sifu Salem Assli the senior Full Instructor and direct student and friend of Sifu Dan Inosanto who learned directly with Sijo Bruce Lee ( Inosanto School California USA ) Pekiti Trsia Kali Brazil / Philipines and Nocili martial arts school of Brasil an Kali Rio school of Martial arts.

Warriors and fighters are not the same , warriors are natural born fighters they act only when forced to fight, they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone and they always get up …..
Yasser Hegazy


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Yasser Hegazy

Yasser Hegazy

Sifu, Founder

Martial art is a way of life , a path that needs persistence and discipline to become among the warriors, even without having to fight with anyone