Kenjutsu the art of samurais

Kenjutsu : the traditional way of fighting with japanese swords, originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan, it means ” the art of the sword , and now we practice it with swords specially made from bamboo ( Shinai) .
Today it is the art that is most reliable to pass on the teachings of the Samurai in our daily life, maintaining alive a tradition that goes back more than 600 years ago.
For the combat trainning part, the practicioners use a body armor called bogu and bamboo swords known as shinai. These equipments insure an injury free trainning of the old techniques.
Senpai Yasser trained at the main Dojo of the Niten Institute at São Paulo Brazil, directly with Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, the founder of the modern Kenjutsu Combat practice. The institution is an affiliate of “Miyamoto Musashi “school of Samurai in Japan and is internationally recognized around the world.
Our school teaches Kenjutsu and teaches students how to fight in arms with a discipline like samurai warriors , the school teaches students as well as wooden sword katas according to the curriculum of Musashi school in Japan , we also participate in international events and championships.