Yasser Hegazy

Sifu, Founder
E-mail: info@martialartphilosophy.academy
Brief info

Since the age of 10, Yasser started training various types of martial arts and held many titles and ranks in Egypt among them Karate ( black belt ) Aikido – Tripoli , but he still had the feeling that something is missing to master martial arts , that changed as he searched the best martial arts trainers in the world like Sifu Salem Assli – senior full instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto the direct student and cetified instructor of SiJo Bruce Lee , he is also a direct student of Sensei Jeorge of Niten Kenjutsu school of samurais ( the way of the two swords ) established by Myamouto Musashi the word most famous samurai – Yasser is a graduated samurai from this school and holds the bronze medal in Latin America Kenjutsu championship year 2017.
Yasser is a Full Instructor of Jeet Kundo Do graduated from Brazil and certified instructor under Sifu The french association of jeet kendo and kali from California a branch of Inosanto academy of martial arts Yasser is a Red Glove French savate – French boxing , Kali instructor Sifu decided to spread his knowledge to Egyptian martial artists that’s when he started..